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skate rink where kristi yamaguchi perfected her style. nbc bay area's mary ann favro has more to tell us about the fight to save it. >> reporter: the owners of this mall want to tear this ice rink down and put in more stores. but thousands of skaters who use this rink says the community needs recreation much more than retail. >> ice chalet in san mateo is a rink on the brink of closing. the sbi holdings says it will not renew the ice center's lease when it expires in may. instead, it wants to tear down the rink and put up more lucrative retail stores. 8-year-old says that hurts more than falling on hard ice. >> i think it's very sad. >> reporter: why? >> because i love ice skating a lot. >> reporter: so do a lot of other people. the rink is open from dawn until 1:00 in the morning, offering everything from camps to adult ice hockey leagues. each year more than 150,000 people lays up to glide or at least try to on this ice. >> as a mom, i can tell you there are not a lot of things for kids of any age to do or things that i can do with my kids. this rink means so much to so many people tha
joins jenny thompson and dara torres as the most decorated female olympians in u.s. history. >>> to another developing story out of london, a war of words between a south bay soccer legend and current star of the game. hope solo took to twitter today on a rant against san jose native and commentator brandi chastain, apparently unhappy with chastain's comments during the broadcast. chastain was critical of the u.s. defender, saying that the defender needed to improve on winning the ball and keeping possession of it. chastain arguably is one of the top defenders of the u.s. team and is best known for taking off her jersey for celebrating a victory over china. solo ratelled off four tweets, ripping chastain. the first one reads it's too bad we can't have commentators who better represent the team and knows more about the game@brandi chastain. solo writes lay off commentating about defending and gking, which we are interpreting about goalkeeping until you get more educated@brandi chastain. the game has changed from more than a decade ago. that was a jab at chastain, when she com
on as planned. and nbc's phil rogers joins us now from london with a look at some california athletes who made history today. hello, phil. >> hi, diane. one of those was a u.s. olympian who blasted her way into the record books as mother nature demonstrated that she could be a tough olympic competitor, too. >> it's raining hard. >> reporter: female cyclists braved thunder, lightning, and a blinding rainstorm as they raced through the streets of london this morning. but the clouds parted just in time for u.s. shooter kimberly wode to take the gold medal in skeet shooting. she's the first american olympian to win medals in five olympics. >> i went out there and did the best i could. >> reporter: indoors today the u.s. basketball men beat france 98-71. and french star tony parker wondered aloud if anyone was in their class. >> it's going to be tough. they're a great team. >> reporter: unresolved this evening, whether one of saudi arabia's first female olympians can compete in her head scarf. the judo federation says no. but olympic officials are trying to negotiate a compromise. >> the key stakeh
to sell out and make it so that phil's got to hit on two. >> rogers and dalhausser tells us they weren't comfortable doing that in beijing. but they felt more comfortable doing it here. they've worked on it, as kevin detailed. and herrera looks completely spent. 18-12. i'm sure he's thinking now, save my energy. let's get it to that third and final set, and i'll try to trcrk it up and maybe we can surprise them in the third set. dalhausser blocks it. gavira cuts it. >> gavira is such a fun player to watch. he did not play volleyball growing up. he was actually a junior champion bochycalled pancake. a game they use iron balls to hit a smaller ball. much like bochy ball. at 17 he was the second ranked player in all of spain. someone asked him one time, what is it like playing with herrera? he said it's an honor to play with him. but it should be an honor to play with me because i will make him the vice president of patanke. vice president. 19-13. the americans have played a much better second set. first set was disaster. give spain credit. they came out and surprised the americans. roger
. this was the deal with the olympics. it is part of the olympic experience when we talk about drug use and doping. the headlines here tuesday morning in london. i'll bring up the times of london newspaper. the chinese swimmer saying i'm clean. the american swim officials are pointing fingers at the chinese. not only does she win in the 400-meter medley but she shattered the record. her final 50 meters, she swam faster than ryan lochte and michael phelps. she deny all allegations the american officials, the head of the american swimming coach's association says flatly, her performance is unbelievable, disturbing and does not add up. so this controversy will continue in the days to come. the other hot topic here tuesday morning, what is with the empty seats here at the olympic games? british soldiers, yes, british soldiers are actually now being used as seat fillers. this has been an embarrassing story for the london game. a lot of corporate seats are going unused. a few hours from now, how about this? they'll release a batch of tickets and sell them to the general public. all those seats that were
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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